Scrabble Word Finder | Online Scrabble Solver and Cheat Site (2023)

Are you fond of playing Scrabble? Are you looking for ways to improve your vocabulary skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this free scrabble word finder tool is for you! Discover new words, use it as a handy cheat board, or utilize it as a winning strategy. However you plan on using the cheat tool, you will surely find it incredibly functional!

Scrabble Game Essentials

Scrabble is a classic board game that has been enjoyed by many generations. The rules of the popular game are pretty simple. Each set includes a 15 x 15 tiled Scrabble board and 100 pieces of letter tiles - bearing consonants and vowels. These tiles have corresponding points in them. A game consists of a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players. Each player gets a combination of 7 letters on their rack for every round. Using his or her tiles, players take turns in forming words (accepted by the Scrabble dictionary) on the board, either sidewards or downwards.

What is the Scoring System?

Each letter tile has a corresponding point value. This depends on how rare the letter is and how difficult it can be to use and lay it on the board. A common letter like A, E or I has a lower value while the highest-point letters Q and Z have 10 points. Take note that there are 2 blank tiles included in the bag that can be used as a representative of any letter. These blank tiles have no point values.

1 Point: A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T & U

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2 Points: D & G

3 Points: B, C, M & P

4 Points: F, H, V, W & Y

5 Points: K

8 Points: J & X

10 Points: Q & Z, the most difficult letter tiles

You will also find score multipliers scattered around the Scrabble board. When a tile is laid on one of these squares, its value or the whole word's value will be multiplied double or triple. In other words, you can get a triple word score only by smartly placing the word on the board.

How Does the Game End?

Once there are no more tiles in the bag, and one of the players has already placed his or her tiles on the board, the game ends. The player with the highest score wins.

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Scrabble Cheat

The biggest challenge of playing Scrabble is forming Scrabble words out of seven letters while making sure that it's well connected with all the letters laid out on the board. Even long-time Scrabble players will find a hard time figuring something out at one point or another. This word generator is explicitly made to complement and improve your game skills. Use our online Scrabble solver to unscramble the jumbled letters on your rack and maintain your winning streak in this fun word game.

You may be having second thoughts about using scramble solvers while playing Scrabble or a different puzzle game, but we believe that the only way to improve your command of the language is by learning new words regularly. We encourage even the game experts to use this Scrabble cheat board as a training tool to help you improve your lexicon. The best thing about it is that it's free! Use and abuse it to win your favorite board games and better your vocabulary and crossword puzzle skills.

Scrabble Solver Features

• Generates high-scoring words, accepted by the game dictionary, from a combination of letters.

• The search box accepts up to 15 letters and up to 2 blank tiles.

• By using advanced options, you can unscramble letters to match a specific pattern or get words of a certain length to place them in a desired position on the board game, form words with adjacent letters, or get rid of as many as possible unplayed letters.

• No registration is required to enjoy all the benefits of this cheat tool and get the highest-scoring word for any handful of letters.


• Free for unlimited usage so you can play countless word scramble games and always be the game winner.

Top 5 Scrabble Tips and Tricks

Aiming to be a master Scrabble® player? Here are 4 proven powerful tools to help you win the next game with your friends.

1. Go for Bingo

This is how you get a big score in a single turn in Scrabble the bingo! You get 50 points by getting rid of the seven unplayed letters on your rack all at once. This isn't as easy as it sounds, though! You will find using this handy jumble solver to be helpful in achieving this Scrabble feat.

2. Look for a Hook

Hooking is the strategy of adding a single letter to the existing word in order to create a completely new one. An example of these is turning "rain" into "brain." Employ the advanced search features to achieve this result.

3. Memorize High-scoring Short Words

Placement is key in playing Scrabble. Toward the end of the puzzle game, the board is slowly getting filled up with tiles. During this time, It will be extremely helpful to play high-scoring two-letter words and 3-letter Scrabble words. Use this online cheat for Scrabble to practice and memorize high-scoring three-letter words that will help you play the last extra letters.

4. Score with one Syllable Moves

Be on the lookout for words on the board that can be extended by placing prefixes and suffixes. This is another excellent strategy to continue scoring even through the later part of the game when the board becomes crowded already.

5. Aim to Lay on the Multipliers

The best strategy to win big points in Scrabble is by targetting the multipliers on the board. The premium word squares on the board are DL (Double Letter), TL (Triple Letter), DW (Double Word), and TW (Triple Word). Try to achieve as many special squares as possible. According to the rules, if a word is formed covering two premium squares, the score is either doubled and then redoubled or tripled and then retripled. Gain a higher score when you play this strategy using a 10-point tile!

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Scrabble Words and Official Dictionaries

These are the dictionaries acknowledged by the official Scrabble game:

Official Scrabble Players Dictionary or OSPD

This is a popular reference for Scrabble words no longer than eight letters. The list includes other pieces of information, such as parts of speech and brief definitions.

Official Tournament and Club Word List or OTCWL

This dictionary version is used in regular competitive play. It is a list of all acceptable words, including those up to fifteen letters, the longest word that can be played on a Scrabble board. Unlike OSPD, OTCWL is a simple alphabetical list. It is only available to NASPA members at the NASPA Store.


The term is an anagram of OSPD (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary) and OSW (Official Scrabble Words). SOWPODS is the official dictionary used in English-language tournaments hosted by most countries outside the USA.

Our completely free cheat site to find Scrabble words is based on these extensive dictionaries. Use this anagram solver for your next game, and we guarantee you a competitive play!

Scrabble FAQs

Here are some more interesting facts about your favorite classic board game!

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The Highest Scoring Scrabble Word

The highest score recorded in the history of Scrabble was made by Karl Khoshnaw in 1982. He made his move by forming the word “caziques,” defined as a native Indian chief in areas dominated primarily by Spanish culture. Apart from using the 10-point tile Q, he achieved a bingo and landed on a triple-triple. This move resulted in a whopping 392 points.

The Longest Words Played in the History of Scrabble

The North American Scrabble Players Association or NASPA has an official record of all the impressive feats in the world of Scrabble. One of the most prominent ones includes the longest words played by the game champions. These words are “discontentments” by Ed Liebfried in 2005 and “reconsideration” by Ken Clark in 1990.


Scrabble Word Finder | Online Scrabble Solver and Cheat Site? ›

Collins is the only online Scrabble word checker to use the official tournament word list, including over a quarter of a million permissible words. It's endorsed by Mattel and the World English-Language Scrabble™ Players' Association.

What is the best site to check Scrabble words? ›

Collins is the only online Scrabble word checker to use the official tournament word list, including over a quarter of a million permissible words. It's endorsed by Mattel and the World English-Language Scrabble™ Players' Association.

How to cheat at Scrabble online? ›

How to Cheat at Scrabble - 3 Easy Steps
  1. Step #1: Check Your Rack. Before you use the word finder cheat, see what letters you have got. ...
  2. Step #2: Navigate to the Cheat Site. Now, pick a jumble solver by doing a quick Google. ...
  3. Step #3: Use Words from the List.

Is there an app to find Scrabble words? ›

Exciting news... the WordFinder App just launched in the iPhone and Android app stores! That's right... you'll be able to get help for all those tough Scrabble® and Words With Friends® games on the go!

What is the best possible Scrabble word? ›

oxyphenbutazone, 1778 points

Oxyphenbutazone is an anti-inflammatory drug and a recognized word in the Scrabble dictionary. It is theorized to be the highest scoring legal word that would actually fit on a Scrabble board.

What is the best Scrabble go cheat app? ›

Snap Cheats is the fastest, easiest cheat app for Scrabble Go! Just take a screenshot and Snap Cheats scans every possible play in less than a second.

Is ja a legal Scrabble word? ›

While “et” is indeed a playable word, according to Merriam-Webster's “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary,” “xe” and “ja” unfortunately are not.

Is za a valid Scrabble word? ›

ZA is the most played word containing the letter Z (and the only playable two-letter word with the letter Z) in tournament SCRABBLE play.

What has happened to online Scrabble? ›

The EA game will be discontinued on 5 June because the official franchise is now licensed to Scopely.

What are the J words in Scrabble cheat? ›

There are 27 3-letter words containing J listed in the Tournament Word List (TWL): AJI, HAJ, JAB, JAG, JAM, JAR, JAW,JUG JAY, JEE, JET, JEU, JEW, JIB, JIG, JIN, JOB, JOE, JOG, JOT, JOW, JOY, JUG, JUN, JUS, JUT, RAJ, TAJ.

What are all the 2 letter words in Scrabble? ›

Ew joins another 106 two-letter words, which are aa, ab, ad, ae, ag, ah, ai, al, am, an, ar, as, at, aw, ax, ay, ba, be, bi, bo, by, da, de, do, ed, ef, eh, el, em, en, er, es, et, ex, fa, fe, gi, go, ha, he, hi, hm, ho, id, if, in, is, it, jo, ka, ki, la, li, lo, ma, me, mi, mm, mo, mu, my, na, ne, no, nu, od, oe, of, ...

Is the word finder app free? ›

The best free cheater & solver to help you in Words With Friends, Scrabble, Wordle & more. WordFinder by YourDictionary is a word helper and solver to unscramble jumbled words and find the best word for given rack letters or the right answers for a crossword puzzle.

Can you look up 2 letter words in Scrabble? ›

There are 107 acceptable 2-letter words listed in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, 6th Edition (OSPD6), and the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OTCWL, or simply, TWL): AA, AB, AD, AE, AG, AH, AI, AL, AM, AN, AR, AS, AT, AW, AX, AY. BA, BE, BI, BO, BY. DA, DE, DO.

What is the best first move in Scrabble? ›

There is an adage in Scrabble that says “the player going first will win 54% of the time - all other things being equal”. Going first allows you to control the board - you determine whether your move will be horizontal or vertical , expose a premium square or a double word file, close or open the board.

What is the most point Scrabble word? ›

Let's jump right in: the highest-scoring legal Scrabble word is OXYPHENBUTAZONE. With all the bonuses bonused and tiles totaled, that sucker — an obsolete anti-inflammatory medication, evidently — will net you 1,778 points.

What is the most used letter in Scrabble? ›

  • point: E ×27, A ×25, S ×19, I ×17, R ×16, N ×12, O ×10, T ×10, L ×8, U ×6.
  • points: M ×7, C ×5, D ×5.
  • points: B ×3, G ×3, P ×3.
  • points: F ×2, V ×2.

What apps do most people use to cheat? ›

FAQs About Cheating & Apps

Tinder, Bumble, and Snapchat are just a few of the many apps used by cheaters. Private messaging apps such as Messenger, Viber, Kik, Telegram, and WhatsApp are also popular.

What apps are being used to cheat? ›

List of Hidden Cheating Apps For Android
  • mSpy.
  • SpyBubble.
  • XNSPY.
  • Cocospy.
  • uMobix.
  • Hoverwatch.
  • eyeZy.
Apr 29, 2023

How do you level up fast in Scrabble? ›

Helpful Tips to Level Up Your Scrabble Strategy
  1. Add to Your Vocabulary. No matter how many tricks that you memorize, a surefire way of getting better at playing Scrabble is by learning new words. ...
  2. Use an Unscrambler. ...
  3. Use Small Words. ...
  4. Add Prefixes and Suffixes. ...
  5. Practice on Your Own.
Feb 12, 2020

Is IQ a word in Scrabble? ›

Though it's annoying that you cannot play such a clever word as IQ in Scrabble, there are plenty of uses for that pair of letters.

Is Qi a valid Scrabble word? ›

“Qi” is a viable Scrabble word and it is the only two-letter word you can play with Q in Scrabble or Words With Friends. Played on its own (and not accounting for bonus squares or other words you form), the word "qi" is worth 11 points in Scrabble.

Is OJ a word in Scrabble? ›

oj is a valid English word.

Is Zee allowed in Scrabble? ›

Devotees of Scrabble are always looking for an opportunity to use the highest-scoring letter Z. So news that the gender neutral pronoun “ze” will be included in the game's official dictionary is likely to prove very popular. The board game is moving with the times to include a handful of words from social media.

Can you have EV in Scrabble? ›

Ev is not a Scrabble word.

Is Zim a legal Scrabble word? ›

zim is a valid English word.

Is there a real Scrabble game online? ›

Merriam-Webster Scrabble Sprint

Play the free Scrabble Sprint online game without registration on the Merriam-Webster site. You make words one at a time against the clock to fill up all of the spaces on the board. You click or type a word with two or more letters, with bonus points for more time left on the timer.

Do Scrabble go games expire? ›

Scrabble games will automatically close if a player has not played their turn for seven days.

What words are being removed from Scrabble? ›

In the wake of the worldwide anti-racism protests following the death of George Floyd racial slurs including the 'n-word' and insults against the elderly and homophobic terms were taken off the official online words list.

Is UV a Scrabble word? ›

uv is a valid English word.

What's a 3 letter word ending in J? ›

3 letter words that end with J
  • haj.
  • raj.
  • taj.

Is AG a word in Scrabble? ›

Yes, ag is a Scrabble word!

Ag is a valid Scrabble word.

Is Zen a Scrabble word? ›

Three-letter “zen” is a game-changer too—after all, using the ”z” is worth a game-high 10 points—though many casual Scrabble players may be surprised to learn the word wasn't already playable.

What is the highest 2 letter word in Scrabble? ›

The letter 'X' provides the highest scoring two-letter words, with at least 9 points awarded for the Greek letter names 'Ax', 'Ex', 'Ox', 'Xi' and the Vietnamese coin 'Xu'; whilst with 'Zax' (a hatchet-like tool) attaining a minimum of 19 points, it also gives you the highest scoring three-letter word.

Is Qin a valid Scrabble word? ›

QIN (n): A Chinese zither, with strings stretched across a flat box. Scrabble score: 12 and FIQH (n): An […]

What is the game where you have to guess the word without saying it? ›

Taboo is a word, guessing, and party game published by Parker Brothers in 1989 (subsequently purchased by Hasbro). The objective of the game is for a player to have their partners guess the word on the player's card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.

What is the game that removes unnecessary words? ›

Word Wipe is a fast, fun, and feverish game with a simple concept — you join tiles of individual letters together into lines to create words.

Is there an app to help find words in a word search? ›

What is WordSearch Solver? WordSearch Solver is an easy to use free app which allows you to scan any nearby word searches to display hints and exact locations for any words you cannot find.

Is there a 2 letter word with Q? ›

The English language is extremely limited in the number of 2 letter words containing the letter Q. Indeed there are only 2 words that are not an abbreviation. These words are qi and qu.

What is the most common 2 letter word? ›

The most common two-letter words are of, to, in, it, is, be, as, at, so, we, he, by, or, on, do, if, me, my, up, an, go, no, us, am.

What is a 3 letter Q word? ›

3 letter words with the letter Q

qaf. qat. qis. qua. quo.

What is the highest Scrabble move ever? ›

But Cresta's impressive move still falls short of the feat Karl Khoshnaw managed in 1982. The international Scrabble legend earned 392 points with CAZIQUES (which is the plural of a type of oriole). It remains the world's top-scoring single Scrabble move ever.

What does bingo mean in Scrabble? ›

Bingo is a term used in North American Scrabble for a play in which a player puts seven tiles on the board in a single turn. Mattel, the game's manufacturer outside North America, uses the term bonus to describe such a word. In French, it is called a scrabble. A player who does this receives 50-point bonus.

Is Scrabble more luck or skill? ›

Scrabble is a game of both luck and skill. According to John William, former director of the National Scrabble Association, community consensus is that Scrabble involves about 15% luck and 85% skills.

What was Scrabble originally called? ›

Originally called Criss Cross, the game, which was based on the crossword puzzle and anagrams, was developed by Alfred M. Butts, an architect, in 1931. It was redesigned, renamed as Scrabble, and marketed by James Brunot in 1948.

What is the average score in Scrabble? ›

The average score in a typical game of Scrabble is 600 to 700 total points. Really. Did your stomach just drop? Don't worry, because 600 to 700 total points played is the average amount for a well-contested game of Scrabble.

What is the average word score in Scrabble? ›

We may not be able to give you one number, but we can start you off with two: 600 to 700 points. A well-contested Scrabble game should end with around 600 to 700 total points. So, the average Scrabble score to beat is about 350 for a 2-player game, 230 for a 3-player game, and 175 for a 4-player game.

Why is K 5 points on Scrabble? ›

New technologies can 'improve' a classic design, but Scrabble aficionados aren't having a bar of it. It's the only letter of that value – below it there's F, H, V, W and Y on four points, and the next highest value is eight (J and X).

What Scrabble word has the most vowels? ›

So, here are words you can try that have four non-repeating vowels:
  • ADIEU.
  • AUDIO.
  • AULOI.
  • AUREI.
  • LOUIE.
  • MIAOU.
  • OUIJA.
  • OURIE.
Feb 28, 2023

What are the 2 point tiles in Scrabble? ›

Point value is as follows: 1 point - A, E, I, O, U, L, N, S, T, R. 2 points - D, G. 3 points - B, C, M, P.

What is the official online Scrabble dictionary? ›

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary or OSPD is a dictionary developed for use in the game Scrabble, by speakers of American and Canadian English.

What is the best word finder? ›

Word Finder Pro is the most comprehensive free Scrabble word finder that's been built to suggest the absolute highest point scoring words you can play during each turn in both Scrabble and Words with Friends.

Is there a word finder? ›

Word Finder is the perfect help when your vocabulary fails you. It's a unique word search tool, which finds all possible words made up of the letters you input. People use Word Finder for various reasons, but the primary one is to win games such as Scrabble and Words With Friends.

Can you look up words before playing them in Scrabble? ›

No - in official Scrabble games, you are not allowed to consult a word reference prior to making your move. As to whether a challenger can lose their turn when a word turns out to be valid, it depends on where you're playing.

Is there a free online Scrabble game? ›

The free, easy and official way to play Scrabble online with your friends and family.

What is the most used word in word? ›

The most common letters used in Wordle are E R A O T, according to an analysis of 221 games from Christopher Ingraham, a former Washington Post reporter. Context: Invented by Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, to amuse his friends and partner, Wordle has become a daily obsession for many ( 🙋).

What is the best website for words? › is the world's largest and most trusted free online thesaurus brought to you by For over 20 years, has been helping millions of people improve their mastery of the English language and find the precise word with over 3 million synonyms and antonyms.

What is the word finder game called? ›

A word search, word find, word seek, word sleuth or mystery word puzzle is a word game that consists of the letters of words placed in a grid, which usually has a rectangular or square shape. The objective of this puzzle is to find and mark all the words hidden inside the box.

Is there a free word search game? ›

Arkadium has a selection of fun word searches to sink your teeth into. Try our Free Daily Word Search Puzzle or Penny Dell Word Search now and see how much fun they are.

What is the last word in the Scrabble dictionary? ›

If you're trying to figure out how to play that winning word in Scrabble, the final word found in the Oxford English Dictionary might help you.

Why is quo not a Scrabble word? ›

Alas, quo, despite appearing in many reputable dictionaries (including ours, obviously) as a component of "quid pro quo," "status quo," or an archaic-er form of the already archaic quoth, does not appear in the OSPD (Official Scrabble Players' Dictionary).

What is the double word rule in Scrabble? ›

If a word crosses two premium word squares, the word score is doubled and re-doubled - 4 times the complete word score; or tripled and re-tripled - 9 times the complete word score.


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